Designed by wheelbuilders and built by the industry’s best carbon manufacturing facility:  We worked with the industry’s best design and manufacturing facility to produce Maker; carbon clincher rims with exceptional performance and a host of practical features.

Designed for daily use

We didn’t commission a wind tunnel test when we designed Maker – instead we used our 9 years of practical, first-hand experience building high performance wheels. We know our stuff. We’re so confident in Maker rims, they come with a lifetime guarantee. These are a damn-expensive pair of bicycle wheels so we encourage you to put them on your bike and use them – they don’t belong on a hook in the garage.

Depth to suit rider weight and use

By mixing-and-matching rim depths we tailor the Maker wheelset to your rides.

35mm: lighter, easier to handle in crosswinds, and are more responsive (and fun!) to ride.
50mm: stiffer, more aero and are better suited to larger riders or higher speeds.

Parallel braketracks

Some overhyped rims have tapered braketracks to perform marginally better in a wind tunnel. Maker’s braketracks are parallel with each other to improve brake performance, brake feel, and reduce wear and brake squeal.  That’s important when you ride your bike.

Easy tyre fitting

The last thing you want while fixing a flat in the pouring rain is to struggle fitting the tyre. A deep rim well and exceptionally accurate production means it’s easy to put on tyres to Maker rims, yet they hold securely in the event of a puncture.

Tubeless Ready

Tubeless or standard innertubes – it’s your choice.

Optimized for wheelbuilding

Maker rims have angled spoke holes to direct the spokes toward the hub flanges for a more durable spoke. Chamfered internal spoke holes cradle the spoke nipple to prevent breakage.  These little details were designed into the Maker as a result of building thousands of rims and seeing first-hand what works to make the best possible wheels.

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