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The Maker:  A high performance customized carbon wheelset guaranteed for life

Wheelworks has been building custom wheelsets for over nine years, and in that time we’ve learned a lot about what makes a great wheelset.  The Maker is the culmination of seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Our wheelbuilding process has been honed over many thousands of wheels.  We’ve studied the minutia of each and every step in the process to minimize error and inconsistency and maximize wheelset performance and durability.  Our processes are so specialized that we’ve had to develop the tooling, machinery, and software to build and maintain the quality of each and every wheelset.

We have a lifetime guarantee on the Maker because we know it will last.  You’ll never break a spoke.  Unless you whack something really hard the wheel will never go out of true.  The hub’s bearings and the rim’s brake track will wear with use (that’s normal and unavoidable) but until they’re worn-out nothing strange will happen to the wheelset.  And if something weird did happen we’re here and we’ll take care of it.  Promise.

When you wear-out your brakepads just drop us a note and we’ll send you some new ones. For free.